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Treadmill Desks & Under Desk Treadmills


For those looking to get the most of their workday, an under desk treadmill allows you to exercise while working in order to perform at a high level both physically and mentally. Here at Standing Desk Supply, we are authorized retailers of the most top of the line Treadmill Desks available. With durable machines built to last you many years and top quality deals all the time, look no further than SDS for achieving peak wellness.

Many people believe that the harmful effects of prolonged sitting can be reversed simply by exercising later on in the day. Research has actually shown to be untrue. In order to combat the detrimental effects of a sedentary lifestyle, you can't be sedentary! Easy, light movement throughout the day is the ultimate way to combat disease and chronic pain. The problem is that most people work office jobs and can't just move throughout the day. Enter the treadmill desk!


What Customers Are Saying...

Ever since making the switch my energy
levels are through the roof during and
after work. Thank you again so much!

Cassy R.

Thank you so much for getting my desk
to me so quickly. I couldn't be happier!

Edric B.

Walking and working was a game
changer for me. I have more time to
spend with my family since I don't...

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