Standing Workstations

If you're looking to give your office space an entire ergonomic makeover, a standing workstation complete with ergonomic adjustable desks and leaning chairs is the perfect option.These adjustable stand up desk bundles are specially designed to work in tandem to create a posture-perfecting, core-engaging system that will keep you in the zone and pain-free all day long.  

The key to why are sit to stand workstation bundles are so valuable is the way the desk and chair work together. Our Focal Upright Seats keep the body automatically positioned at an open angle, which forces the abdominal muscles to engage and the spine to be erect. This position combined with the support from the seat is surprisingly comfortable and keeps the circulation in the body flowing properly.  At the same time, the desk can be adjusted to be at the optimal height and angle.

For a custom sit stand workstation, we're happy to arrange a set up that fits all your needs and is within your budget. Simply contact us and our team we will work diligently with you to create your perfect office space! 

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