Adjustable Standing Desk Converters

Do you have a regular desk that you're looking to convert to a sit stand desk? Transforming your current desk with an adjustable standing desk converter is a great way to save money and keep your old office setup while reaping all the benefits of a new standing desk.

When looking to buy a sit stand desk converter, many things need to be taken into consideration. Will the converter be able to hold all of my things? What kind of height adjustment does it offer? Will it be able to support dual monitors?

For those with a widescreen setup, the ESI Ergo CLIMB2 is made to support two monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, and provide extra space on top of that. All ESI Sit Stand Converters feature pneumatic height adjustment so maneuvering your new workspace is effortless. Not only can the CLIMB converters move up and down, they can also be turned left and right. This is an amazing feature many sit stand desk converters simply can not offer. Rotate your entire workstation to share information with colleagues, move to different areas of your desk while maintaining productivity, or add an Under Desk Treadmill to your office and use the converter as your desktop!

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