Motorized Electric Standing Desks

Electric standing desks are crème de la crème of the height adjustable desk market. With amazing features such as height-memory, it is the ultimate way to experience ergonomics and the best way to get the full benefit of a sit stand desk. Although manually adjustable desks are usually quite easy to maneuver up and down, the simple convenience of a an electric standing desk that is raises up and down with the push of a button has a lot of appeal. 

Our most popular and best selling electric standing desks are the ApexDesks, which include the 60" Vortex Desk and the 71" Apex Desk. At a price comparable or even less than many manual stand up desks, and with some serious durability, Apex Desk stands to be one of new leaders in the ergonomic market. And of course, with free shipping and an ergonomic mouse included, Standing Desk Supply adds even more value to an already great deal!


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