When You’re Tired of Standing: Introducing the Standing Desk Stool

For those of us who work on standing desks, it becomes clear pretty quickly that standing for hours on end can be pretty exhausting and tough on the feet. Unfortunately for most of us, that means lowering our sit stand desks back to sitting height and popping a squat back into our chairs. Often times this means that we're right back where we started, not reaping all the benefits of owning active workstation and slumping back into the health deteriorating effects of sitting.

This happened more often than I would have liked, until I invested in a standing desk stool.

But wait, wouldn’t using a stool be the same as just sitting down in a chair? Well, that depends. Not all stools are created equal. Focal Upright, founded by Martin Keen of KEEN Footwear, has created a line of ergonomic sit stand stools to keep users of standup desks comfortable and engaged while working.

How does it work? Well, it’s all in the lean:

standing desk stool

Being in this type of leaning posture may actually be superior to standing. It creates a situation where you’re reaping all of the benefits of standing without the discomfort. When you’re leaning as shown in the above image it allows proper angling of your hips (130 – 135 degrees). As a result, the stress is taken off the spine and the muscles connected to it.  This position is even assumed by astronauts in space naturally once they enter the zero gravity environment.

In addition to achieving relaxation on all of your pressure points, your muscles are also lightly engaged. Your muscles handle the load of your weight, and not your spine, knees, or feet. The result is a increased blood flow, concentration, and even a tighter core! You're also encouraged to move around and maintain a lightly active state while working, increasing well-being and alertness even further.

As an authorized dealer, Standing Desk Supply offers the entire line of Focal Upright Products. Our Price Match Guarantee also ensures that you'll receive the best pricing online.

We offer four different standing desk stools as well as three different bundles that include foot rests.

The Mogo & Mogo w/ Foot Rest Bundle

standing desk stool

Starting at $99, The Mogo or Mogo with Foot Rest Bundle is the ultimate in convenience. At only 2 Pounds it can be transported to concerts, sporting events, the office, and more!

The Pivot Seat – The Ergonomic Wobble Stool

sit stand stool

The ultimate in focused task completion. The Pivot Seat or Pivot Seat with Foot Rest Bundle is an affordable option for those who want additional support and stability starting at $279

The Mobis Seat or Mobis Seat with Foot Rest

standing desk stool

For those who want even more added stability the Mobis Seat or Mobis Seat with Foot Rest helps you avoid slouching and encourages postures that are active and engaging.

Locus Seat with Anti Fatigue Mat

standing desk stool locus

The Mercedes of Ergonomic Seating, the Locus Seat has all the bells and whistles (including an anti-fatigue mat) for improving focus and promoting physical longevity. Starts at $715.

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